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Causes of Wrinkled Skin and To Stay Young Like Japan

Causes of Wrinkled Skin and To Stay Young Like Japan

Wrinkled skin is one of the biggest enemies, especially for women. Having a smooth face until old age is certainly fun. So if suddenly wrinkles appear when you are young, it feels like this world is about to collapse, right. What actually causes wrinkles at a young age? Maybe the following things.

Don't Use Sunblock

When you want to do outdoor activities, you should never forget sunscreen or sunblock to protect your skin from sun exposure. Sometimes many people often underestimate the importance of using sunblock. Even though ultraviolet rays that easily hit our faces can be very dangerous, you know. The effect can damage skin cells to accelerate the aging process. That's why people who rarely use sunblock will more easily appear wrinkles on their faces than those who diligently use sunscreen. From now on, don't ever forget to help your facial skin. Otherwise, wrinkles will appear very easily!

Eating too much sweet food

Sweet food is very tempting, yes, but it's a shame if too much is consumed it can be strong on the skin, you know. When we consume sugar in excess, it can break down collagen and leave fine lines to wrinkles on the face. So for those of you who really like to eat sweet foods such as chocolate, pastries or cakes, it's better to reduce it early.

Less Drink

Another cause of the appearance of wrinkles on the face is the lack of drinking water or dehydration. When we drink less then the skin will become dry which then accelerates the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, make it a habit to drink enough water up to 2 liters per day. Or consume fruits that contain lots of water such as watermelon and oranges to keep your skin hydrated.


If the most extreme threat of smoking is death, other effects that can be seen first are wrinkles. Capricorns not only harm your health as you have often heard in cigarette advertisements, but can also make you look older. So, if you want your face to still look younger or at least not age easily, avoid smoking.

Air pollution

For those of you whose daily life is in direct contact with polluted outdoor air, don't forget to continue to take care of and care for your facial skin. For example, diligently cleaning and using maximum facial care. Because air pollution also has the potential to cause wrinkles on the face. So don't forget to always clean your face, okay?

Let's start now to pay attention to the things above so that wrinkles don't arrive at a young age, if they are old, maybe it makes sense, right. But at least maintaining and caring for the body is an obligation to be grateful for the grace from God, right?

Another way to be grateful for God's favor is to beautify yourself. One of them by looking attractive.

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