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Do these 3 healthy habits to have a long life


Having a long life is everyone's dream. Even in every birthday celebration, the prayer that we never forget to say is, "May you live long and healthy always!" However, does Oneesan know how to make us live long? It's true, only God knows human age, but apart from God's power (of course) we can do some things that give us the opportunity to live long.

On a global average scale, the average human lifespan is only 75 years. This can be caused by several factors, such as genetic factors, environmental factors where we live, and of course because of lifestyle factors. Regarding the environment in which we live, five countries that have a high level of desire to live a long life include Andorra, France, Italy, and Spain.

When viewed from the four names, it seems that the desire to live a long life is only owned by Europeans. However, there is one country in Asia that ranks first in the desire to live. Yep, Japan!

According to the World Report on Aging and Health, Japan is the country with the longest life expectancy in the world. The average Japanese can live to be 85 years old. Of course this is because they have good eating habits and active lives. Surprisingly, more than 58,000 people in Japan can even live more than 100 years. Specifically, we can see the place of Okinawa which is one of the blue zone places, namely the zone that has the longest-lived population.

Can we have a long life without living healthy? Hmm.. it seems difficult. Like the birthday prayer that we usually hear, the phrase "long life and health always" is a package that cannot be missed when we give greetings. Long life and healthy life are two things that are interconnected. So, when we carry out a healthy lifestyle, then we have worked ourselves to have a long life.

Seeing how big the desire for a long life is from Japan, we can really follow the good habits below so that we can have a long life. Some of these habits may have been done Oneesan, or may not have been done. Come on, try to check healthy lifestyle habits like what can make Japanese people live longer.

Fish or meat?

Let's admit, Oneesan prefers to eat fish or meat? Sometimes we are eaten faster if we are served a pile of meat whose aroma can penetrate to the heart. If Oneesan eats red meat more often, try to reduce it and replace it with fish. The Japanese prefer to eat fish over meat. In fact, they are used to eating as much as 100 grams of fish a day. So, no day without fish.

In fact, fish can reduce the risk of various types of heart attack and brain cancer. Japanese women also believe that fish can make the skin look naturally beautiful. Tuna, salmon, and mackerel can be processed in a simple way, such as grilled, grilled, fried, and so on. The Japanese also like to process their food in a simple way. This is so that the nutritional content in the fish is not wasted and the quality is maintained.

Eat full or eat delicious?

Oneesan must have known that Japanese people are used to using chopsticks when eating. But, what does it do? Isn't it better to eat with a spoon than chopsticks? For us, yes, but Japanese people have their own philosophy of why they use chopsticks to eat. Japanese people always enjoy every food they eat so that the nutrients can be absorbed perfectly.

That's why they use chopsticks to slow down the time and speed of eating. In addition, chopsticks can also help limit their eating portions so they don't overeat. Traditional Japanese food is usually only half the portion of Western cuisine. Why? Because with small portions, it will allow Japanese people to eat other types of food in order to get a more balanced nutrition.

Walking or riding a motorbike?

This is the most difficult habit for most Indonesians. Sometimes if we want to just go to the shop, we just take the motorbike out. Using a private vehicle such as a motorbike has become a mandatory property so that we don't feel tired wherever we go. In contrast to the habits of the Indonesian people, the Japanese prefer to walk rather than take private vehicles.

They walk every where, whether to stalls, restaurants, schools, workplaces, and so on. When traveling long distances, they will prefer to use public transportation. Walking, is the easiest sport to do and is definitely a free exercise Oneesan. Let's reduce the habit of using vehicles! Besides being healthy, it also reduces pollution.

Those were 3 Japanese habits that we still need to do in life in order to have a long life. Remember, we can strive for longevity with Oneesan's healthy lifestyle!

Isn't it difficult to be able to have a long life? If you want to look stylish and always fresh in a way that is not difficult too.

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