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10 Benefits of Lime for Face and Hair Health

Manfaat Jeruk Nipis

When talking about citrus fruits, limes are one of the prima donnas among the community. The benefits of lime are not only limited to culinary additions or drinks but are broader than that.

Although it has a very sour taste, it contains many nutrients and vitamins that are very good for health and facial beauty.

10 Benefits of Lime for Face and Hair Health

1. Cleanse Face
One of the easiest ways to take advantage of lime is to use it to clean the face of a number of dirt that sticks.

To use it you have to mix it first with other ingredients, such as sugar, honey or with salt.

Then use it as a scrub to clean your face more thoroughly. And it will help lift the dirt left on the face, and make it look more hygienic and radiant.

2. Reduces Bacterial Activity on the Face
Facial blemishes due to infection are caused by dirt, oil and dead cells which then clog the pores on the face.

And the bacteria trapped in the pores of the face can cause inflammation of the facial skin that aggravates acne. According to a journal "BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine" published in 2006, revealed that lime contains natural antibiotics that can inhibit the activity of bacteria such as E.

coli and staphylococcal. Therefore lime is very good for reducing bacteria on the face that create inflamed infections.

3. Shrink Pores
Large facial pores can make the appearance less precise and can trigger the appearance of acne, but there is no need to worry because lime is able to overcome this.

This is because lime has natural astringent properties when applied to the face with large pores. Astringents have excellent benefits for making facial skin pores smaller and making skin feel tighter.

4. Reduces Oily Face Problems
An oily face can make a person lose self-confidence, because make-up fades faster and is also prone to acne.

The astringent content in lime is very good to help reduce excess oil production by creating smaller facial pores.

Just rub a small piece of lime all over your face while pressing it down until the water comes out, then let it sit for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water.

5. Cure Acne
Lime is known because it has benefits to help shrink pores and also clean the dirt on the face.

The acid content in lime helps reduce the activity of bacteria that can cause inflammation and infection on the face.

To treat and relieve infection using lime is very easy, just apply lime juice to the entire surface of the face and do not rub then let it dry and then rinse. Repeat its use until the infection is completely healed.

6. Brighten Face
Which woman doesn't want to have clean, bright and glowing white skin? The content of vitamin C in limes is known to be very high when compared to other fruits.

Therefore it is very good to help brighten facial skin because its antioxidant properties in vitamin C prevent skin cell tissue damage due to excessive sun exposure that causes discoloration of the skin.

7. Reduces Pigmentation
Discoloration of the skin occurs not only due to sun exposure, but also due to aging and free radical attack.

Lime, which is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, is certainly very good at warding off free radical attacks and overcoming the problem of skin discoloration.

By accelerating the process of regenerating new cells more quickly, so that the problem of pigmentation on facial skin can be overcome easily.

8. Make Skin Ageless
Over time and increasing age, the elasticity of the skin decreases, so the skin looks slack and begins to appear wrinkles on the face which will eventually become wrinkles.

The intake of vitamin C in the body is very important to support the production of collagen, which is strong in skin elasticity and suppleness. One of the best and natural ways is to regularly consume limes which are rich in vitamin C to help from within and use masks to nourish the skin from the outside.

9. Keeps Skin Hydrated
Drinks made from lime juice are very good for keeping the body in a hydrated condition, but it is also good as an energy booster.

Nutrients in lime are very abundant help increase energy levels also help reduce stress due to fatigue at work.

The body that experiences loss of body fluids is bad for the skin, especially facial skin, because it will make it look dry and dull.

10. Reduce Body Odor
The body that is active throughout the day will produce sweat, and the bacteria attached to the body can cause body rot to become unpleasant.

The abundant content of vitamin C and flavonoids in limes can help reduce sweat production and its antibacterial properties help reduce the growth of bacteria that cause body odor. For that you can mix lime juice in bath water to cleanse your body.

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