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How to Shrink Stomach Fast, Natural and Safe

The right method of shrinking the stomach can make your body shape and appearance become ideally slim. Of course everyone wants a slim stomach in a short time, but must be able to choose a safe and harmless way.

One safe way is to shrink the stomach naturally, here are some tips and ways to shrink the stomach that you can try, as quoted from

How to Shrink Stomach

Diet Program With Reducing Sugar and Simple Carbs

If you want to get visible results in the first week, then you have to really control your diet. Sugar and Simple carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, biscuits, ice cream, soda, syrup and others are some of the ingredients that are responsible for the amount of fat in your body and the increase in insulin.

Therefore you must control some of these foods in order to control calorie intake and hunger. You can replace it with high-fiber carbohydrates such as whole grains, various green vegetables and fruits. In addition, also avoid junk food and sources of saturated fat such as cooking oil, margarine so that fat and calorie deposits in your body remain under control.

Regular Intensity Aerobics and Cardio Exercise

After your body's nutritional intake is met and your diet can be controlled optimally, it's time for regular aerobic and cardio exercises.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to burn belly fat is through aerobic exercise that requires high energy, such as hiking or the like.

This exercise requires high energy to speed up the metabolic process so that it can burn fat in a short time. For cardio exercise, you can try jogging, brisk walking, or treadmill exercise at the gym.

Shrinking the stomach does require extra struggle and patience, because actually nothing is instant. Stay focused on the program you are running and don't stop until you get the main goal, which is a slim stomach.

How to Shrink a Distended Stomach Naturally Without a Diet Program

Still confused about how to shrink the stomach naturally? You can start with simple things by changing your lifestyle to a healthier one. Actually having a slim stomach is a bonus from a healthy lifestyle.

Body health is more important, therefore the pile of belly fat you must immediately scrape. Not only does it make you look unattractive, belly fat is very dangerous because it can cause various kinds of serious diseases such as heart disease, stroke and so on.

How to Shrink Stomach Naturally

Masih bingung bagaimana cara mengecilkan perut secara alami Cara Mengecilkan Perut Secara Alami

You don't have to go on a strict diet to lose belly fat. Have a healthy diet and exercise regularly to burn body fat. Here are some tips to shrink the stomach naturally.

Avoid Fatty and High-calorie Foods

Fatty and high-calorie foods have the potential to increase fat deposits in the body. When the fat and calories you eat are not burned, they are converted to fat. The stomach is one of the places to store these fat deposits. Replace fried snacks and snacks with fresh fruits such as apples, melons or papayas which have better nutrition and nutrition.

Avoid Sugary Drinks Or Soda

Although sugary drinks or sodas do not contain fat, they can make the body fat because of the high calorie content. We recommend that you replace sugary drinks or soda with mineral water which is more healthy.

Cooking Your Own Food Menu

By cooking a daily menu, you can determine for yourself the ingredients used. Of course you can choose the best and still fresh ingredients. In addition, you can reduce some ingredients that can make the body fat, such as sugar or butter.

Avoid Eating Heavy Before Sleeping

It is recommended that you eat 3 hours before bedtime. Because when you sleep you don't need a lot of energy. If after eating a heavy meal you go straight to bed, it can accumulate calories and make the stomach uncomfortable.

Easy Tips How To Shrink Your Stomach In General With A Healthy Life

The hilarious presenter Indra Bekti also had problems with a distended stomach. Not only Indra Bekti, surely many people are bothered by the accumulation of fat in the stomach. Besides being harmful to health, belly fat can also reduce self-confidence. Especially as a public figure who is required to always look perfect.

Indra Bekti's distended stomach problem turned out to be a serious problem because it was proven to reduce self-confidence when dealing with many people. Therefore Indra tried to get rid of the belly fat to restore his body to its original appearance.

Some time ago Indra Bekti did look a little distended with a pile of fat in his stomach. But with hard struggle, Indra managed to prove that a distended stomach can be overcome with special treatment. Here are tips to shrink the stomach of the senses as quoted from

1. Sports

Lack of movement can increase body fat deposits, especially in the stomach. "Regular exercise will make it easier for us to gradually reduce fat levels in the body."

2. Maintain Diet

Indiscriminate and irregular eating patterns greatly affect the accumulation of fat in the stomach. "Just try to eat meat all the time, it won't take a week for your stomach to get distended. Balance it with vegetables and eat lots of fruit."

3. Don't stay up late

Staying up late at night in addition to making a distended stomach is also not good for health. And usually will also increase the portion of the night when staying up late. "Usually when people stay up late they eat at night. Eating too late has the potential to make the stomach grow bigger."

4. Fasting

During Ramadan, Indra Bekti admitted that his weight had decreased. "That means fasting is very effective for losing weight and reducing the amount of fat in the stomach."

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