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Myths or Facts About the Dangers of E-Cigarette Smoke for Health? Here's the Scientific Explanation

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Lifestyles are changing every year, starting from clothes, cooking styles, drinks, vehicles and so on. Following the interest is an obligation, especially generally among young people. How about someone who doesn't follow the trend?, usually not slang, old-fashioned, katrok for sure.

The trend or lifestyle currently circulating is the smoking style, cigarettes that were originally burned produce cigarette smoke, are now replaced with Rotrik (Electronic cigarettes/electric).

What is an e-cigarette? E-cigarette is the invention of a form of cigarette that was originally burned into a modern digital form using a battery, which gives the sensation of smoking without smoke.

This electronic cigarette, also commonly known as (E-cig) or Electronic Nicotine Delivery System) was first developed by Beijing, China in 2003 and introduced in Indonesia in 2014.

The way e-cigarettes work is to heat the nicotine liquid using a battery and produce 'steam' instead of smoke, while traditional cigarettes generally produce nicotine as a result of burning tobacco to make smoke.

Keep in mind that steam and smoke produce white fog, but steam has a soft nature in the sense that the fog that enters the nose of others is almost imperceptible (like early morning mist), while smoke is the result of combustion, it will smell if it enters someone's nose.

Myth Or Fact Review About the Dangers of E-Cigarette Smoke

Quoted from CNN Indonesia Media on Wednesday, 05/11/2014 and combined with the rumors spreading in the community that 'E-cigarettes are healthy, because they are environmentally friendly, and do not contain smoke or no carbon monoxide and are healthy in the dose of use'. E-cigarettes are the first step to quitting smoking addiction.

These are all myths, the first cigarettes were introduced in 2003 in Beijing, and have been circulating, in the same year the Chinese government banned and closed the circulation. E-cigarettes entering Indonesia are illegal.

The first review, it has been scientifically researched that even though it does not contain smoke from burning, e-cigarettes still contain the main ingredient, namely nicotine.

The second review, by the United States body has not found scientific facts about stopping smoking by using e-cigarettes, which is not quitting but even addicted.

For example, think that e-cigarettes are sold to get more consumer profits, if they are able to stop addiction, then the producers of e-cigarettes will lose.

What Are the Ingredients in E-Cigarette Smoke?

Whatever type of cigarette it certainly contains elements of danger, then what are the harmful ingredients in e-cigarettes:

1. 10x Carcinogen

Quoted from Channelnewasia information, Friday (11/28/2014) e-cigarettes produce nicotine without burning through tobacco which has a 10x risk of carcinogens.

2. Noxious Vapors

Although nicotine is the main ingredient of e-cigarettes, it has also been mixed with some harmful chemicals, namely formaldehyde and acetaldehyde. With the same meaning that you cultivate formalin in your lungs and buy a ticket for respiratory cancer.

3. Other solvents
Additional ingredients in e-cigarettes include propylene glycol, glycerin, when heated with nicotine will produce nitrosamines that can trigger other cancers.

What dangers surround e-cigarette smoke?

In accordance with the words of Dr. Prof. dr. Tjandra Toga ADITAMA, Sp.P(K), MARS, DTM&H, DTCE The Head of Research and Development in this video regarding the threat of e-cigarette smoke, concludes:

• Causes blood pressure to increase

• Causes disorders in the airways similar to asthma

• Causes headaches

• Disrupt the function of the mouth

But it all comes back to you, basically whatever we choose is related to interest but again, it's bigger on health, disease or benefits for you.

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