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Here are 6 Benefits of Olive Oil for Body Health

Olive oil is already quite popular as a substitute for cooking oil. Maybe you have often heard that olive oil is the healthiest oil that is good to use and has many benefits.

We all know that quality is directly proportional to price. Where when compared to cooking oil, the price of olive oil is quite a lot more expensive, but the benefits do not need to be doubted for our bodies.

The following are the benefits of olive oil that you can feel, including:

#1 Healthy Heart

One of the ingredients in olive oil is unsaturated fat. Well the content of unsaturated fat is beneficial for heart health. Unsaturated fat itself can control bad cholesterol which is very dangerous for the body. In addition to fighting bad cholesterol, the unsaturated fat content in olive oil can also maintain good cholesterol in the body. That's why olive oil is good for consumption because it is useful for treating the heart to keep it healthy.

#2 Prevents Cancer

In addition to unsaturated fats, olive oil also contains quite high antioxidants, which is that's a good thing. With the antioxidants contained in it, olive oil has the potential to prevent the appearance of cancer in the human body. Inside the antioxidant content itself there is a hydroxytyrosol compound that functions to stabilize sugar levels in the body so that they are in normal numbers. On this basis, olive oil can help prevent the body from contracting cancer which is known as a very deadly disease.

#3 Gut Health

In addition to the compounds mentioned above, in olive oil there is a compound Oleuropein Aglycone. This substance serves to nourish the human intestine because it can maintain blood flow to the intestine. In addition, this compound can also be useful for avoiding damage to the intestines caused by blood deficiency disease or anemia.

#4 Fighting Free Radicals

Olive oil does contain a lot of substances that are good for the human body. Next is the presence of antioxidants and polyphenols. This substance serves to balance the detoxification process so that it can fight free radicals that enter the body.

#5 Prevents Premature Aging

Olive oil also contains linoleic acid. This substance can help maintain the water content of the facial skin so that it can avoid aging or the appearance of wrinkles at an early age. To get the benefits, you simply rub it on your face or skin regularly before going to bed. That way your skin will be healthy and avoid the appearance of wrinkles that really interfere with your appearance.

#6 Hair Health

Olive oil also functions as a treatment for healthy hair by making it a natural lotion. Maybe your hair becomes easily damaged because it is often exposed to the process of curling, straightening or coloring so that it often comes into contact with chemicals. Try using olive oil lotion so that your hair can stay healthy. just by applying olive oil on the scalp for 10 minutes every day, your hair does not need to be afraid of chemicals that come into contact with your hair.

Still aware of the benefits of olive oil for your health? Try it yourself and feel the benefits.

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