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How to eat a healthy diet, easy, natural, without exercise and taking medicine

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Not a few people tend to feel inferior when they are underweight, as well as those who are overweight. As for the many tips only lead to how to reduce the body partially.

Rarely do we see anyone who gives tips for dealing specifically with the cheeks, thighs, arms, or arms. Well, one way to overcome this kind of problem is to realize a diet agenda.

Currently, there are many various ways for a particular diet that are published through various media, be it diet tips from the internet, magazines, television, and so on.

However, you need to realize that everything starts with intention. Yep. which is the main key to a diet or a way to lose weight in that is a strong goal and is also consistent in doing it.

For that reason, whoever you are who wants to try some ways to lose weight inside, there are some tips that you might be able to use for yourself and tell others.

Lose Weight Naturally

To be able to lose weight without drugs that contain chemicals, you need to carry out several regular treatments, both time and culinary recipes that you will consume.

At first glance it looks burdensome, but if you have tried it, God willing, you will feel the positive impact. Not only makes you lose weight but also makes your daily life feel more fit and fresh.

Here are some tips that you can try.

• Lime Diet
You can try drinking warm lime water in the morning after you wake up. Some people who try this lime diet, claim their weight has fallen to 1 kg in just 1 week.

To be more sure, you should know the 2 positive benefits of lime juice, which are rich in vitamin C and rich in citric acid.

Vitamin C has the function of absorbing calcium in fat cells, while citric acid will interact with other acids and enzymes in our stomach, so that it can facilitate digestion.

• Changing Meal Time
Maybe many of you don't know that only by changing the time you eat you can grow strong with changes in your weight.

In fact, the main cause of excessive fat, one of which is because you eat large portions at certain times.

To speed up metabolism in the body, you can eat 3-4 times a day but in small portions. Besides being useful for burning calories, the fat stored in the body is also not too much.

• Adequate and Regular Sleep
Ah, who doesn't get excited about the curious snippet of a drakor episode? I'm sure, surely some of you will use the agenda of staying up all night just to finish the drama! Unfortunately, staying up late is not recommended for those of you who want an ideal body or lose weight.

By not getting enough sleep, you will allow the hormone ghrelin in the body to increase which causes an increase in appetite. Worse, lack of sleep lowers the hormone leptin, which makes it difficult to feel full.

• Cheerful Watermelon
Watermelon is one of the fruits that can reduce belly fat. Do not believe? The content in watermelon consists of 91% natural minerals that are useful for reducing fat in the body. Furthermore, watermelon contains vitamins B6, B1, C, and magnesium which can make the stomach feel full.

This information certainly makes you happy, right? ️

• Drink Water
Reduce soft drinks and sugary drinks, add water. Andrea Giancoli, a researcher from the United States stated that drinking enough water every day can help dissolve toxins and fats in the body.

Everyone's fluid needs are different. But on average, women need approximately 1.6 liters per day, while men need 2 liters per day.

• Drink Water Before Meals
There are several studies that say that drinking water before eating is very effective in losing one's body weight.

This is based on the fact that drinking water before eating will show the effect of being full, and in turn make you not want to eat in large quantities.

There is another fact that, when someone is hungry, they will immediately take a tablespoon and eat rice and side dishes.

In fact, it could be felt when it was not hungry, but thirsty.

• Eat in Small Portions
Eating small portions can actually help you lose weight naturally. This method is quite effective, you can use a small plate or bowl that is smaller than the area you usually use. This will reduce the caloric intake that enters your body.

Eating in small portions, can show a satiety reaction as long as the food is slowed down. Eating slowly can stimulate the brain that you are full.

Eating in this way is more effective for losing weight than eating large amounts of food even if only 2 times a day.

• Consumption of the Right Food
The right foods can help in your weight loss. Good weight loss foods are foods that have high protein and fiber content.

Foods that are high in protein can keep you full longer. Not only that, foods that have protein can also burn fat and the body.

Examples of foods that have high protein are egg whites, yogurt, lean meats, seafood, cheese, soybeans, and nuts.

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