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Treating Eye Irritation Naturally Without Side Effects

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Eyes as a medium of vision are very important to maintain their health, especially when free radicals like now dust from the ground and motor vehicle pollution are quite disturbing for the eyes to stay healthy. For a driver, it is inevitable that eye conditions must always be maintained so as not to interfere with his work.

Eating nutritious food and getting enough sleep is very good for maintaining eye conditions to stay healthy. Bad habits such as staring at cellphone and computer screens for too long should also be avoided, especially for children because if in childhood they often do bad habits like the ones mentioned above, then when they grow up their eye condition can easily deteriorate.

If your eyes are fine at first, but suddenly you feel a problem such as itching or turning red, it's likely that you are experiencing eye irritation. Conditions where the eyes are irritated actually don't need to be too worried because this irritation can heal by itself without having to use drugs.

However, people are usually uncomfortable with which irritation, so they look for solutions to quickly relieve the irritation. So, to help those of you who might have the same problem as before, please see the following review.

Some light tips to relieve eye irritation

To relieve complaints that are classified as mild, there are several natural ways to treat eye pain that you can do, namely:

#1 Using tea bags

The first thing you might do to relieve eye irritation is to take a tea bag, whether it's green tea, black tea, or chamomile. We know that tea is rich in antioxidants, so these antioxidant compounds play a role in reducing eye irritation naturally.

Then how to use tea bags to treat irritated eyes? The step you need to take is to first chill the wet tea bag in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Once cool, compress the tea bag on the sore eye for about 20-30 minutes. Do it 2-3 times a day.

#2 Using Saline Solution

Saline solution can be obtained at the nearest pharmacy in your city. Saline solution itself is a solution that comes from salt that has been sterilized so it doesn't hurt the eyes. How to use a saline solution is also quite easy, just put a drop on the eye that hurts for 3-4 times a day. After that, clean your eyes with a tissue and avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands.

#3 Warm compress

To treat eye irritation, red eyes, and dry eyes, the next step is to use eye compresses using warm water. The trick is to take a clean dry cloth and dip it in warm water and then place the cloth on your sore eye. Do this compress as much as 2-3 times a day.

#4 Cold compress

Not much different from the previous method, namely a warm compress, you can also use the cold compress option to solve the problem of eye irritation. The difference is that for a cold compress itself, it not only relieves sore eyes due to irritation, but is also useful for reducing swelling and bruising in the eyes.

The method used is almost the same, but the difference is that it is dipped in cold/ice water, you can also place the cloth in the refrigerator (freezer) for a while before using it. After that, place the cloth on the sore eye for about 10-15 minutes.

If it turns out that you have taken steps to cure irritation, the mild above has not produced results or the irritation is getting worse, then it's a good idea to immediately consult a doctor for further treatment.

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