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Benefits of Vitamin C for the Health of the Human Body

Benafits Vitamin C -

Vitamin C is naturally found in vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C is a water-soluble compound, which has the main benefit of helping to increase and maintain immunity. Some of the vegetables and fruits that have high vitamin C content such as guava, oranges, lemons, strawberries, broccoli, peppers, chilies, and tomatoes.

In a day at least the body needs vitamin C intake of approximately 75 mg (for women) to 90 mg (men). As an essential vitamin, vitamin C has the following functions:

Protects body cells from free radical damage

We know that currently global warming is happening which is causing the earth's temperature to heat up drastically. It turns out that not only has an impact on natural conditions such as the melting of the Arctic region, but global warming also has an impact on human health, such as many people with heart disease are found.

Apart from exposure to global warming, free radicals also occur due to air pollution that is getting worse. To prevent this all from having an impact on our bodies we need vitamin C which in vitamin C itself there are antioxidants and ascorbic acid that can fight the bad effects of free radicals.

Maintain body resistance

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The benefits of vitamin C for the immune system / immune to disease are no longer in doubt. After illness, a person is recommended to consume vitamin C to speed up the recovery process. Besides that, vitamin C is also an important nutrient needed for the healing process and prevention of dengue fever.

Maintain healthy skin and hair

Many of the benefits we get from collagen compounds such as helping the wound healing process, preventing wrinkles, slowing the aging process, maintaining skin elasticity, also being able to maintain youth and brighten the skin.

Now by utilizing vitamin C, the body can produce collagen compounds later.

Play a role in reducing the risk of anemia

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Anemia is a disease of lack of red blood cells (Hemoglobin). In this case, people who have anemia will tend to always feel weak in the body so that they do very unproductive activities.

To overcome this anemia, it is highly recommended to consume vitamin C both from vegetables and fruits. Vitamin C plays a role in increasing the absorption of iron in the body.

Iron itself is needed as capital for producing red blood cells. Without iron, the body will lack red blood cells. As a result, oxygen and nutrients that should be delivered to the body's cells are reduced as well.

Reduce the risk of various diseases

There are many benefits of vitamin C that can be taken, for example, vitamin C is able to take care of bones and teeth so that they remain strong until old age. In addition, consuming vitamin C is also healthy for blood vessels and the heart so that it is more effective in preventing heart attacks and strokes.

For those who have high blood pressure, taking vitamin C can also normalize blood pressure.

Consequences when the body lacks vitamin C

When the body lacks vitamin C or in medical language is called scurvy symptoms - symptoms that are usually seen include easy fatigue, anemia, bleeding gums, and wounds that are difficult to heal.

In addition to these signs, other characteristics of people who lack vitamin C in their bodies, namely:

• Rough and uneven skin

• Red spots appear on the skin

• Nails are shaped like spoons

• Easy bruising skin

• Wounds heal longer

• Bleeding gums, canker sores, and loose teeth

• Bones feel weak

• Weight gain

• Sudden mood changes

• Joints hurt

After knowing the importance of vitamin C in the body, now we have to be more productive in consuming it and make vegetable or fruit foods containing vitamin C a priority to eat every day.

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